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  • The Year 2004

From 2004, we start to do business for cargo control products, tires and other truck/flatbed fittings.

That time, there are total 4 people.

Mary, Joeton, Echo and Me.

We only have 4 computers in a 60 square meters house. But we all have confidence that, we could do something.

Because, based on our sincerity, the factories all support us, and like to sell their products via us.

No matter payment for the goods or the fees for the shipment, the factories and the forwarder don't worry us.

We understand the importance for us.

So, from the first, SINCERITY and SUREFOOTED WORKING is growing in everyone's mind.

Otherwise, we 4 people were all skilled for the business.

Even from school, we learned how to use Internet, how to register on a B2B website etc. You know, the Internet or B2B was very new in the year 2000 in China.

Thanks for Mary, Joeton and Echo, that time, they worked much for the company and their business support all the expenses.

Me, Lance, I can only give them my opinions and suggestions.

  • The Year 2005

From 2004 to 2005, in this period, Mary and Joeton left the team and specilized to do the tires/tyres.

Echo and me continued the cargo control products.

Even they left, but our good relations never left.

Till now, we often help each other for the fund demand and discuss business and others matters.

  • The Year 2008

In the year 2008, we moved a new and bigger office, about 90 square meters.

Obviously, now, we have so many works to do.

So, Miss Sun, Emily, Miss Hao, they joined us. Later Miss Emi also joined us.

I like to teach everything to Emily and Emi for the products and business, and they also learn very quickly. 

Very soon, they are professional to handle everything when I am not in office.

Meanwhile, we start to establish/organize our own factory.

  • The Year 2009

Even the economic crisis from the year 2008, but upon customers' trust and they place us the repeat orders, the business are much more than before.

In the year 2009, we establish our company, named "EVER BRIGHT".

In the following 3 years, we are all working in the same office, and every day to handle so many emails matters.

For me, I have to find time to learn how to manage the company, how to work well to avoid any mistakes.

Sometimes, I have to learn the products graphics and inspection the quality.

A very hard time.

We put many samples in the office and the office are almost full. But when customers come to our office, they may feel that the office is too small and can't see all our samples. To a customer, that is a bad thing. They come so far to China to meet us, but we can't give all the items they need.

We understand our customers and we feel bad too. 

For the first meet, the customer don't know our good working for them. If they don't cooperate with us because the small office and not big quantity samples, that will be so regretful matter.

  • The Year 2012

In the year 2012, "Ever Bright" moved to a bigger office, near 200 square meters.

The factory director is professional for these products for more than 15 years.

Thus, when customer comes, they could see all the samples directly, also, if we have our own factory, we will be more competitive.

  • The Year 2015, OFFICE MOVED to the new office

Now, the business department in the office is up to 15 persons.

Our office is near 500 square meters, so our show room is also bigger and bigger.

Hope that, upon our efforts and customers' trust, we could do better and better.

We always remember what SINCERITY and STEADFAST WORK brings to us, and never forget the help from friends and customers.

Thanks for Mary, Joeton, Echo, Linda, HuJianFang, Daisy Feng, Miss Chu, Miss Zhang, Mr. SunFaKun, Ronny, Mr.Kong, Mr.Hu, Mr.Shao, Raymond, Shirley, Douglas, Nestor,Jorge, Ken, Neal, Dirk, Kamil, Adrian, Mike………...So many people.

  • The year 2016

The road forward may not be always flat, but, we have confidence in solving any difficulties.

Let's together, we are a young, energy and a passion team!!!